EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Labor Market Sampling/Survey Reports

Labor Market Sampling Reports, or Labor Market Survey Reports (LMS) can be produced independently or in coordination with an Initial Vocational Evaluation or provisions of Vocational Placement Services.

LMS Reports are used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying information related to a position or positions - including but not limited to; determining the essential functions and physical demands of the targeted positions, determining the associated wages and benefits, identifying prerequisite skills, education and experience
  • Identifying the total number of targeted positions.
  • Identifying the number of open targeted positions.
  • Anticipated hiring in the next 6 to 12 months

LMS Reports can be requested to identify any or all of the above outlined information. Subsequent to EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. being provided the individual's level of education, available physical capacities, work history and identifying the labor market to be considered, LMS Reports can usually be completed in approximately three to four weeks.

If sensitive timelines exist, we can discuss accommodating completion of a LMS Reports for more constricted timelines, prior to the referral.

We can perform Labor Market Sampling throughout the State of Illinois or any other geographic locations in the United States of America, upon request.

If you wish to acquire an objective Labor Market Sampling Report in a timely fashion that will be useful and defendable if testimony is necessary, click here to complete our online referral form.