EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Job Analysis Programs

As part of comprehensive, onsite analysis, EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. Certified Vocational Rehabilitation counselors are often asked to perform Job Analysis studies to clarify the match between a Job Seeker's physical capacities and the physical demands of a type or class of employment or a specific job being offered to the Job Seeker. This information can be valuable to all parties in the safe return to work and disposition of certain matters.

Digital Recordings & Written Descriptions

We perform digital recording and written descriptions of vocational activities. These can be utilized to develop Physical Therapy or Work Hardening Programs, as well as to identify Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant Job Descriptions. Digital recording can be completed within approximately two weeks of receipt of the necessary information.

Position Analysis

We can analyze individual positions, department wide or throughout the entire employment setting depending on the need and available resources.

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