EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Telephonic Case Management

We perform telephonic triage at the inception of injury to obtain critical information which can be utilized to start the proactive recovery process. Our highly skilled and experienced Registered Nurses, upon receipt of necessary information, will immediately contact all appropriate parties to secure information which will be forwarded in real time, via telephone update, unless requested in an alternate format, to the appropriate parties.

We perform ongoing Telephonic Case Management Services, in some instances, through complete resolution of the matter. We may be asked to provide direct and personal contact by a Registered Nurse during the recovery process to facilitate successful outcomes for the injured worker and our clients.

Our excellent and comprehensive communication skills, coupled with our ability to continuously update all appropriate parties during the case, facilitates optimal service delivery systems in the most timely fashion to expedite quality outcomes. When utilized appropriately through Telephonic Case Management this can be an excellent service to ensure, “Everyone wins.“

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