EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Medical Case Management Services

EPS Rehabilitation, Inc., and Paragon Health Services, Inc., have over 200 years of combined experience utilizing the best available medical service providers. Our proven proactive, problem solving approach has assisted thousands of individuals to maximize recovery and facilitate timely and safe return to work.

We start by reviewing and analyzing available medical information to identify how to assist the injured individual and understand how best to help themselves recover. You can provide us this information or at no charge we will review the file in your office and make our own copies of the material we need to proceed.

Our excellent reputation as objective service providers usually allows us to quickly obtain authorization from Petitioner Attorneys to proceed with helping their clients.

We will meet the client in a timely fashion with their Attorney or at an appropriate medical service provider to complete our Initial Evaluation process.

Our Initial Report will include all appropriate and HIPAA compliant information and procedures with clear definition of presenting problems and a rehabilitation plan to facilitate maximum utilization of resources for maximum individual recovery.

Our extensive experience in obtaining and providing information to medical service providers, and appropriate parties, allows us to have superb working relationships that facilitate timely appointments and referrals for specialty services.

Our experienced and highly-trained staff will provide real time updates by phone to appropriate parties. If requested, we will forward a written outline addressing our findings and recommendations, and identify next step insights within approximately 24 hours of appointments.

We have the flexibility to adapt our information technology systems to meet the most demanding and specialized reporting requests. We can usually forward our reports within five working days of pertinent appointments, or within any time period requested.

We develop individualized plans of assistance that tailor our telephonic and personal contacts to individual needs to control costs and maximize outcomes for all involved in the recovery process.

Our genuine concern for the well-being of the of the individual, coupled with our knowledge and experience, makes it easy to exceed all parties expectations through the services we provide and this facilitates outcomes where, “Everyone Wins.”

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Long-Term Disability

We have assisted in the evaluation and placement of individuals for long-term disability matters to determine vocational and return to work potential. Our almost 30 years of assisting individuals in the workers’ compensation service arena uniquely qualifies us to assist in the evaluation of an individuals’ employment status. If placement assistance is authorized our extensive experience and success will maximize your return on investment.

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Short-Term Disability

Our extensive experience assisting individuals to obtain quality medical services to facility optimal recovery can be utilized to maximize services and outcomes for short-term disability matters.

We have also been utilized to develop transitional employment opportunities to address individual needs in short-term disability cases.

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