EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Consultative File Reviews

We routinely review medical and vocational files to address development of positive, proactive service recommendations. We address the presenting problems, as well as the impact of all associated concerns, to develop readily available recommendations to hopefully eliminate all problems in the way of facilitating a maximum recovery and safe, timely return to work.

Medical File Reviews

Medical files can be reviewed at any point from the date of injury to prior to final resolution.

During the review process we typically address current medical service options and can identify service providers to optimize recovery and safe return to work strategies.

We strongly recommend extensive traumatic or catastrophic injuries be reviewed at the time of injury to facilitate positive, proactive treatment from highly skilled service providers.

Vocational File Reviews

As individuals approach the end of physical therapy, or actualize Functional Capacity Evaluations, we recommend vocational file reviews to address return to work variables.

Numerous studies show that the implementation of expeditious medical or vocational rehabilitation services can have a dramatic affect on improving the individual's recovery while lowering the total cost of a successful return to work program.

We identify potential employment options, possible wages and projected costs of vocational rehabilitation services, if recommended.

We also review and evaluate ongoing services to assist you in maximizing outcomes for your rehabilitation service expenditures.

Digital Job Analysis

We perform digital recording of vocational activities for medical or vocational matters.

Optimally, we recommend for medical matters that the individual, if medically feasible, be present for the recording.

We record all work site activities, as well as preparatory and/or clean-up activities, to insure the physical therapist designing therapy protocols, or the physician addressing return to work capabilities, are fully cognizant of not only the essential functions but all activities performed on the job.

Medical Cost Projection

Both EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. and Paragon Health Services, Inc. are utilized by various referral sources to identify the projected costs of medical services such as surgery, physical therapy, work hardening and related services.

We identify excellent service providers, as well as establishing real-time projected costs for medical procedures and ancillary services.

Neither EPS Rehabilitation, Inc., nor Paragon Health Services, Inc., performs medical set aside services. We can recommend excellent service providers to meet these needs.

Life Care Plans

Utilizing state-of-the-art paradigms, medical research and current available information, we can develop objective, defendable life care plans.

In addition, we can be called upon to testify, related to our findings, throughout the State of Illinois and bordering major Metropolitan areas, as requested by our client.

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