EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Catastrophic Medical Case Management

When a catastrophic workplace injury occurs, both the injured worker and the employer require timely, comprehensive evaluation and management of the recovery process.

EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. and Paragon Health Services, Inc. provide experienced Registered Nurses with extensive background knowledge in the assessment and comprehensive management of catastrophic injuries. For these sensitive cases, our nurses assist individuals and their families at the critical time immediately following the workplace injury. Medical management decisions will need to be coordinated and facilitated in the best interest of the injured worker. Our team of clinical professionals are trained in the areas of complex injury dynamics and are experienced in trauma and trauma management.

We usually have a nurse available to be at the emergency room within approximately two to four hours of a request for service during regular business hours. Our services can also be made available 24 hours a day through a contractual agreement.

Due to our experience, ability and reputation with medical service providers we are able to assist the injured person and if present, family members, at this critical time of service intervention toward the goal of coordinating an immediate response which maximizes recovery.

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