EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Medical Case Management Services

EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. assists individuals who have been injured at work and are receiving workers' compensation benefits. If you have retained an Attorney you can address the information you review at our website with your legal counsel to determine if case management or rehabilitation services could be of benefit to you. Not all individuals who are hurt at work need or would benefit from medical or vocational rehabilitation services. If you are not represented by an Attorney, our team of seasoned professionals would be available to answer any questions you may have regarding case management and rehabilitation services to determine if a member of our professional team could assist you in returning to work. Please be advised that our staff cannot answer any legal questions or provide legal advice to you.

Under certain circumstances medical injuries are such that your employer's insurance company could utilize our services to assist you by referring you to a rehabilitation nurse expert for assistance.

Rehabilitation nurses do not provide any direct medical care. If you were referred to one of our Registered Nurses you would complete an intake interview, then the nurse would address what medical services might be recommended to help you maximize your recovery and safe return to work.

At EPS, Rehabilitation, Inc., our Rehabilitation Nurses may be of assistance to you by insuring that you understand what treatment doctors and therapists are recommending for you and why. The Rehabilitation Nurse would be responsible for insuring medical recommendations, information and reports are provided to all appropriate parties involved in your case to help you obtain the care you need, in a timely fashion, so you can safely return to work.

Return to Work Services

If you had medical treatment and your doctor is telling you that going back to your former work is not possible, you may qualify for vocational placement assistance to return to work. If you have retained an Attorney, you can address the information you review at our website with your Attorney to determine if rehabilitation services can be of benefit. We may be able to assist your safe return to work but we cannot provide you with legal advice. Not all people who are hurt at work need or would benefit from medical or vocational rehabilitation services.

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act defines, for a small number of workers with injuries, a process for an individual to be evaluated by a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor to determine if they can be retrained to assist in returning to work approximating their former wage. If you qualify you may be able to pursue short term training or schooling to assist you to return to work.

If you are represented by an Attorney, please contact your attorney to discuss how medical case management or vocational rehabilitation services may assist you in your goals to return to gainful employment. If you are not represented by an Attorney and would like additional information, contact the closest office listed below:

Northern Illinois
EPS Rehabilitation, Inc.
17726 S. Oak Park Ave., Suite F
Tinley Park, IL 60477
P: 708-614-7771

Central Illinois
EPS Rehabilitation, Inc.
1516 S. Sixth Street
P.O. Box 80124
Springfield, Illinois 62791
P: 217-522-4343

Southern Illinois / St. Louis Area
Paragon Health Services, Inc. (in collaboration with EPS Rehabilitation, Inc.)
7 Park Place Professional Centre, Suite D
Swansea, Illinois 62226
P: 618-277-7000

For more information regarding the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, please click here.