EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Forensic Testimony and Services

EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. is available to consult and provide objective opinions on a wide range of vocational and medical rehabilitation matters to determine the feasibility of forensic testimony being of value for all possible referral sources.

The first testimony EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. performed was in 1985. We were retained in the third party action, subsequent to the worker's compensation case being resolved. After successfully assisting the individual with disabilities to return to work, Mr. Steffan testified in the third party action to clarify lost wages, future wage loss and access to future employment.

Mr. Steffan has testified in numerous civil matters at venues throughout the State of Illinois, Iowa and Missouri, regarding issues relating to lost wages, access to employment, as well as the development, implementation and outcome of previously performed rehabilitation services.

More recently at the Illinois Worker's Compensation Commission, Petitioner's and Respondent's Attorneys are retaining EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. routinely to evaluate individuals for rehabilitation potential and to provide a Section 7110.10 Rehabilitation Plan to establish an appropriate and viable rehabilitation service outline. EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. also provides expert opinions regarding services provided through other rehabilitation companies to address level of earnings, appropriateness of outcomes or ability to return to work.

For more information regarding Illinois Administrative Code, Section 7110.10 Vocational Rehabilitation Plan, please click here.

The forensic team at EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. are available to perform evaluations and write Rehabilitation Programs to assist individuals with injuries to return to work in matters where the rehabilitation plan is disputed.

Our experienced Rehabilitation Nurse Case Managers are available to perform forensic file reviews to assist with optimal resolution of disputed matters locally or nationally.

Evaluation of On-Going Services

Consultative Analysis of Vocational Placement, Medical Management and Other Forensic Services

  • Forensic Services

    We have consulted in many venues and varied causes of action. Our ability to provide a fresh rehabilitation perspective has been instrumental in clarifying information and development of strategies to expedite full resolution of contentious and stalled negotiations

  • Vocational Placement

    EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. is frequently asked to review the records of an ongoing or completed job search program or other Rehabilitation related services to evaluate the appropriateness of job goals, determine if additional job goals or alternate professional services or procedures would facilitate employment and/or case resolution.

    If appropriate information is available, we attempt to determine the feasibility of actualizing employment, the need for additional services, an appropriate wage range and related information that will be helpful in the disposition of the matter.

    Analysis of this material can be performed in your office and appointments can usually be arranged within seven working days of your request for services.

  • Medical Case Management Services

    When the team at EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. is asked to review on-going Rehabilitation Nurse Case Management Services, we may identify alternate paths to achieving timely medical procedures to facilitate optimal recovery.

    As always our goal is to facilitate the best possible outcome by enlisting services which will assist the individual to recover as fully as possible and to facilitate a safe, timely return to work.

    We have also provided support and direction in a wide variety of rehabilitation related matters, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, Telephonic Case Management Volunteer work programs, etc..

  • Return To Work Programs

    EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. has not only developed transitional and successful Return to Work Programs as a component of our Disability Management Programs, we have also consulted on streamlining or improving on-going return to work programs for employers encountering administrative or legal difficulties.

    Our ability to objectively evaluate, problem solve and refine the services, and results received from any of the above, can provide you with a valuable return on investment while improving the care, services and outcomes the injured worker receives.

    • Lost Wage Analysis

      EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. addresses lost wages and lost employment access in a wide variety of matters.

      We use a combination of standardized procedures, authoritative sources and labor market information which we develop through objective collection and analysis to establish our findings.

      If you are in need of Lost Wage Analysis or other Forensic Services, please click here.

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