EPS Rehabilitation Inc

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. has assisted employers and individuals in understanding their rights and responsibilities since the inception of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

This landmark Civil Right's decision is intended to assist individuals with disabilities, or perceived to have disabilities, to be objectively assessed to determine if they can be reassigned to an alternate position and to assist Job Seekers by fairly assessing ability to perform the essential functions of a prospective job.

We assist employers by providing information to understand the spirit and practical application of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We evaluate work sites and produce American's with Disabilities Act Compliant Job Descriptions and assist with reasonable accommodations and reassignment to appropriate employment, as well as developed hiring and promoting guidelines.

On a daily basis we work with clients that we are assisting to secure employment to understand and utilize their rights and protection afforded through the Americans with Disabilities Act to find employment that is reasonable to believe will be safe based on their needs.

We assist our Job Seeker clients by educating them regarding how to interview. We educate them so they understand if the essential functions of the position can be performed and inform them that they are covered by the Act from exposing protected medical information to the potential employer.

We consistently stress to our job seeker clients that providing false information or lying is unacceptable, but utilizing the law to protect their rights is a legal benefit that can be used to their advantage to secure employment.

If you are interested in EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. evaluating your organization's current status, or development of any of the componet parts of a Americans with Disabilities Act compliant workplace, please contact us at 708.614.7771 or click here.