EPS Rehabilitation Inc

About Us

EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. was established on October 23, 1981 by Edward Paul Steffan to perform and provide positive, proactive, problem solving services to assist individuals by facilitating optimal recovery, and helping employers and insurance companies by increasing the effectiveness of services to maximize their outcomes.

In 1993, EPS. Rehabilitation, Inc. established a networking agreement with Paragon Health Services, Inc. (a separate Case Management company based in Swansea, Illinois) to expand our service profile throughout the State of Illinois and beyond. Our collaborative service profile allows us the opportunity to provide services to the major metropolitan areas of our bordering states and select cities throughout the country based on the needs of our diverse client population.

After almost three decades, and with over 200 years of combined staff experience, the professional team at EPS Rehabilitation, Inc. provides the most qualified specialists to assist our clients in developing and executing the latest in state-of-the-art, return to work, medical case management, vocational placement and disability management services. Our philosophy is: if we provide our clients with objective and proactive services, in combination with our experienced and comprehensive team of professionals, “Everyone wins“.